Anonymous asked: "My phone is being all weird but what kind of makeup do you use for the beard?"

ooc: color tattoo’s cream eyeshadow “tough as taupe”

posted 1 week ago

So I was watching your videos the other day and noticed that you said you payed a lot for your liquid latex. I just resently found this and its not that expensive. 

(It wouldn’t let me copy and paste the link into the body so I had to put in the title.)

Oh, this is great! I’m pretty set personally with my latex stock, but this will be useful to a lot of my followers~ thanks so much for sharing. 

Anonymous asked: "Okay so I have this thing about having the perfect shoes for cosplay and I was wondering what kind you use for your Lucifer cosplay."

ooc: not the most accurate ones, that’s for sure. I wear a pair of Doc Marten 1914 Triumphs.

Anonymous asked: "Did you buy your wig or did you make it? And if you did buy it, where did you get it from? I'm currently making my own Lucifer cosplay and I'm stuck at some parts."

ooc: FAQ.

posted 2 weeks ago

howishughdancyevenpossible asked: "I'm sorry to bother you but could you update the link on which binder shirt you use? I want to buy one for a first time cosplay so any advice would be appreciated (I saw you and Dallas Con last year and your Lucifer looked GREAT!)"

((ooc: hey, thanks for letting me know that the link was iffy. HERE is the new one.))

luciferblogging asked: "Your cosplay makes me so happy"

((ooc: thank you! I’m glad it could brighten your day!))

Anonymous asked: "Hello there :) I was wondering if you were going to any supernatural conventions? :)"

((ooc: yes actually! I will be at NJ con this year.

posted 3 weeks ago

photo by [x]

photo by [x]

iamkazakhstan asked: "Omg your perf"

((ha ha, nah. I’m human. But thank yo so much for thinking so!))

Anonymous asked: "So how many asks do you typically have in your askbox at any given time--like right now? And do you answer them randomly, or do certain ones just stand out to you, or is there any type of order? Just curious!:-)"

((ooc: I have 144 in my ask box right now and I kind of answer them along the lines of all of the above? I prioritize holiday or plot sensitive questions, then whatever stands out to me. I try to squeeze responding to other characters in every once in a while but mostly, on average, I answer about 6-8 questions each day I dress up. I usually get asked 8-10 new ones every time I update. ))