As you all know, I’ve been an employee of City Tap for about a year and a half now. I’m extremely proud to see the owners of my workplace getting involved in bringing justice to this case. It’s one thing to be on good terms with your job, but another completely to be surprised and elated by it’s support and acceptance of the LGBT community. Thanks, Tap family. It means the world…

the Angel family vs Nj con.
ooc: funny story about this video… I didnt have a lot of vids because I managed to drunkenly shatter my cell phone lcd screen right before karaoke on friday. You can all thank nerdsweater for lending her phone to take a bunch of vids.

Appearances made by: magoro, elvistiel, kiwikyojin, innerprat, and yours truly.

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oh!! sorry, I should have checked >< I’m glad you liked it!

nah! you’re good. There’s nowhere to check. I just am a big fan of it. :D

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*cracks fingers* time to put my skills to use… this is a great war/lucifer fic,… this is an interesting dick roman/lucifer fic (warning for dub/noncon elements)

I can always count on you in the fic department georgia :D

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Alas, I’ve no recs, but I would also be down for writing you some. ;3 Though I don’t know what your ships are…

Samifer, Michifer, Lucifer/Eve*, Destiel, Sometimes Megstiel if I’m in the mood.

*there is literally nothing for Lucifer/Eve. I maintain this obsession without any fuel other than personal rps and stuff.

**I’ll read just about anything if it’s written well. (but I’m not a crowley fan. >.>)

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If you haven’t read fortinbras’ How To Fall, I highly recommend it!…

ooc: funny story about this fic, It’s actually one of my top samifer recs on my own list XD

sxmifer asked: "hi can I just say that you're literally (in the most literal sense of this very literal word) the most amazing Lucifer cosplayer / roleplayer I've ever seen. I've seen Castiel's, Dean's, Sam's, Benny's, and all that, but I've only ever seen a few Lucifer's, and they're not necessarily always that great - which isn't me trying to offend, because I know some people can't afford to etc and it's just for fun. But when I saw yours I was taken aback at how perfect you and your Lucifer actually are."

ooc: thank you! I take a great deal of pride in him. Although I will admit, I secretly love being a cosplayer of a less-frequently cosplayed character. Luce needs more appreciation for sure, but I’d be pretty butt-hurt if a better luce cosplayer came along XD;; *is shot* In any case, I’m happy that my own cosplay is inspiring a lot of others to pick him up as a character. Luce has a deep and dark character that you can really sink your teeth into. He’s so beautifully tragic. i love it.

ooc: Fic Recs?

Anyone have some? I don’t feel like searching through all the nonsense myself tonight. You guys know my ships, yeah? send something good my way?

bonus points for luce rarepairs?


They made my last njcon a blast! I’m glad to have met Mago, Cas and Amanda. #njcon


They made my last njcon a blast! I’m glad to have met Mago, Cas and Amanda. #njcon

My supernatural cosplays… aka the weirdest span of characters ever posted in a collection. ps. Hi new followers!