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Nominating the Angel Family (askphosphorus, healingabsolution, and ask-wings-and-winchester), Britt (rockandroam), and all of you guys watching this.

If you guys would like more info about the foundation or want to donate, please visit the ALSA homepage.

Anonymous asked: "I'm probably just a litle bit in love with you. :) And yes, that sounds way more creepy than I had intended, sorry."

ooc: Ha ha, no worries. I get these messages kind of often. I’m a little in love with the ego boost, not gunna lie. :D

Anonymous asked: "Hey! I really, really adore your Lucifer Cosplay (I mean seriously, it looks freaking awesome). I just wated to ask, if you could make a list of the make-up stuff you use? I know there are tutorials, but English isn't my first language, so I have some problems to understand what you are saying, sorry (also, I don't know a thing about make-up.). So maybe just a little list of the things you're using, I can figure out the rest on my own. <3"

ooc: this is the basic stuff. You can figure out what brands work best for you on your own. This is a vague guide.

Covering your eyebrows:
Glue-stick, concealer, finishing powder, foundation

Face Shaping:(natural) brown eyeshadow, darker brown eyeshadow, darker brown eyeliner, blending sponge

Wound Work:
Latex (nude), concealer, Halloween FX make-up palette, fake blood

Anonymous asked: "//omf I read a thing but--do you use pubes as ur mustache"

ooc: omf. It’s apparent you haven’t. Do you think your skull misses your brain while it’s busy fucking around in your other head?

howishughdancyevenpossible asked: "Hi, random question but do you know anybody that would be willing to buy an SPN Dallascon 2014 gold ticket? I'm trying to sell mine but not that many spn blogs follow me so i can't get the new to spread and I really need the money. Thank you!"

OOC: I don’t know anyone personally, but here’s a little bump for you!
Darling followers, would you mind forwarding this along if you’re a spn specific blog?

Anonymous asked: "((Hi ! I hope this ask won't annoy you ! I was just wondering if you were planning of doing another video of NJ Con like you had done for Dallas Con. I just really like you all, girls, and this video always bring a smile to my face. It is also a good way for us poor people or European people (or for all of those unable to go to cons) to have a little sighting of what's happening and all the good time you have. So... Sorry if this ask bothered you, it was not my intent! Thanks & have a nice day !"

ooc: I probably will! Though it’s likely it’ll be footage from more than just nj con because magoro and elvistiel will be here for a solid two weeks :D We’re going to be out and about a lot.

ooc: also this was made for my gishwhes team, but I bet you guys could use a little motivation too.

ooc: also this was made for my gishwhes team, but I bet you guys could use a little motivation too.

I&#8217;m not going to comment on this XD

I’m not going to comment on this XD

angelblack3 asked: "That 'devil doesn't do misogyny' thing reminds me of a text post floating around that says something to the effect of "remember kids, even Satan needs to ask consent before entering your body.""

ooc: Well, even satanists believe in respecting individuals’ rights. i’m not preaching any kind of religious bias, but respect is a high priority. Lucifer is extremely well known for being concerned with a sense of “self” which makes him painfully aware of a sense of “others” as well. It’s kind of a theme for him.

secondandpanic asked: "How is your Luci cosplay so perf? You're my new inspiration to make mine better! (◡‿◡✿)"

ooc: thank you! and good luck!